Security Tools and Awareness

We help you with both.

Ransomware and phishing attacks are becoming increasingly sophisticated, often bypassing traditional firewall appliances. The old perimeter-focused security model is no longer sufficient. And the newer defense-in-depth approach must be accompanied by an increased internal awareness that security is everyone’s job.

That’s why we work with our clients to ensure their entire organization is aware of “the little things” that make a big difference in keeping networks secure.

Network security expertise has been a strength of JDA since the beginning. We can expertly assess your level of risk and recommend the best of intrusion detection, anti-virus tools, firewall and disaster recovery solutions to protect and defend your business.

We provide a full range of security solutions that ensure devices accessing your network are compliant. If a compromised device is detected, it can be isolated and disinfected.

JDA Network Security Services

  • Deep expertise across all facets of network and desktop security
  • Network IDS/IPS and next-generation firewalls
  • Internal security assessments
  • External penetration testing
  • Web content filtering and reporting
  • Endpoint protection with host-based intrusion prevention
  • Recurrent compliance audits

Disaster Recovery

A pound or two of prevention.

Increasing cyber threats mean that planning for disaster recovery is very important. And by now, most small businesses know it’s far more challenging to recover from a breached infrastructure than just  replacing a deleted file.

JDA’s enterprise-grade disaster recovery and business continuity planning can provide safety, redundancy, and geographic diversity to your entire infrastructure. Tailored SLAs ensure your infrastructure is up and running according to your recovery time objectives. We keep downtime to a minimum while data protection is maintained at a granular level for super-efficient recovery.

JDA Disaster Recovery Services

  • Custom DR solutions that fit your business continuity plan
  • Hot site with pre-configured virtual desktops and business-critical applications
  • Flexible options cover environments of every size, device and OS
  • Instantly visualize recovery point objectives (RPO)
  • Sub-15 minute RTOs and sub-minute RPOs

Smarter WAN and Better Disaster Recovery

Spread the wealth of reduced WAN costs to comprehensive DR.

One of the challenges of disaster recovery is keeping the backup environment in sync with the production environment. Link failures during periods of high traffic and data center failures can inhibit recovery and cost days or weeks of productivity.

It’s Time

JDA Backup Services

  •  Full range of options from agent-based to dedicated, on-site appliances
  • High-speed, direct from SAN backup with low resource utilization
  • Agentless, hypervisor-based backup solutions
  • Agent-based, continuous replication for public cloud deployments


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