Public? Private? Hybrid?

We’ll get you in the cloud that best suits your needs.

Cloud-based computing and storage can reduce risk, eliminate costly infrastructure and provide increased access to more advanced products and services.

But what applications and computing resources are best suited for the cloud?

JDA’s Tier III data center has been providing our Chicagoland clients the benefits of secure, elastic IT resources for nearly a decade.

Today, the combination of a highly secure private cloud in our datacenter, combined with public cloud services, means we can deliver a myriad of combinations to address your security and budget requirements. Our years of cloud migration experience will help you quickly identify all the benefits that are best suited to your business.

JDA Cloud Services

  • Cloud migration assessment
  • Private cloud hosting at JDA’s Tier III data center
  • Public, private and hybrid cloud migration

Break Free

No need to get physical.

Server virtualization has long made server sprawl a thing of the past. Now, many businesses are realizing desktop computer virtualization can provide just as many, if not more, cost and security benefits.

Don’t worry. We recognize making the leap to virtual desktops can be a cultural challenge as well as a technical one.

JDA has implemented thousands of virtualized desktops and servers. Beyond just helping our clients understand the benefits of CAPEX-vs-OPEX and improved security, JDA’s VMware and Citrix deployments have been successful because of the comprehensive training we provide throughout the deployment process. We ensure that every user who touches a JDA-deployed solution understands the flexibility and limitations of virtual technologies.

JDA Virtual Desktop and Server Services

  • Desktop Virtualization A base image of your computer endpoint configurations with the latest security updates and mission-critical software means fast, consistent setups for users.
  • Server Virtualization  JDA virtualized server environments can lead to significant savings over the cost of physical servers. Pay for only the server and processing power you need, dial it back when you don't.


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